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    Ge Lee

    will existing photos still be available?

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    King Pi

    @Ge Lee
    Existing photos will be still available after updating firmware. It is just like updating firmware OTA but you did it manually.

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    Scott Thomas

    When trying to download the firmware, I get permission denied. I have tried from multiple machines, multiple networks and both logged in and logged out of the forums when attempting to download. No luck. I have submitted logs via the app and PC also. I am currently on firmware 2.0.2, PC 0.18.8, Android 3.2.0.

    The reason I'm attempting to manually update is the device is somewhat inoperative at the moment, new files aren't appearing, or being processed, and I can't get the app to update much now. The LED has been flashing white for 3 days straight now, and I have restarted the box twice to attempt to resolve the situation.

    <Message>Access Denied</Message>
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    We have temporarily disabled the option to manually update using SD Card/USB Flash Drive.

    We will open downloads back up tomorrow :)

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    Scott Thomas

    @Hunter: Awesome, thanks for the quick reply. I am seriously loving my Monument, and being along for the development ride is pretty neat also - if you need beta testers with pretty large photo collections, I'd be more than happy to let you guys get all the diagnostics and logs you need.




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    el sakr

    please hunter i want imag for 8gb sd cart 


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