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    Anton Ziegler



    My Mac app does not sync. It stays on 0% forever.

    Upload is working though.

    I deleted the preferences and started a new app configuration. Didn't help.

    What's wrong here?


    Kind regards,

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    Tracy Alene

    Help! My Monument app states an update is required and to standby while it uploads but it never does, it just keeps spinning.

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    Are there plans to allow access via web or ssh? There is people using Linux and ChromeOs

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    Nancy Frias

    The "advertising" for this device implies a lot more than it actually provides.   "Get all your photos backed up and organized automatically!"  "Centralize ALL your content
    Monument apps running on iOS, Android, MAC, and PC centralizes all your photos and videos in one place. You can access them on any device." 

    BUT it appears you have to "manually" add all photos from computers and laptops to the program.  That is not what is implied in your advertising of the program.

    You say the desktop app will start syncing.  But it DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY ADD  photos from your computer or laptop.  It only shows photos that it "automatically" synced from your phone.  And IF you have to "ADD any new photos from computers or laptops to the program each time you have new phones, it is virtually useless as a place to sync ALL your photos.  I could have bought a cheap usb plug to do what this program does with my iphone and then ADD those to an external hard drive myself.  Would have saved me a lot of money.  I am really sorry I bought this.

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    Peter Christian Gram

    Normally your desktop PC is not the source of photos. Also it may contain a lot of image files in yours browsers cash so it  makes sense not automatically to search yout C-drive for any picture file. On my desktop I have all my images and other data stored on my D-drive partition, so all I needed to do was to drag the D-drive to the upload platform and the Monument takes care of the rest.

    That said I would still like to see an easier way to tag numerous files and then add them to a folder instead of having to add them one-by-one.

    Also I would like to find out how to access my collection from a desktop not connected to my home network.

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