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    Maarten vd Bruggen

    Hi... I got 2 questions about the  uploading :

    1 Is it possible that (while syncing) my footage will be moved to my monument istead of copied? So my memory on my devices will be empty again.

    2 Will Monument reconize same photo's ? 


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    Hi there!

    1. Your photos and videos are copied to the hard drive connected to Monument. If you're using an iPhone, you can go to Settings --> Free up space on my phone. This feature will move all content that has already been backed up to your "Recently Deleted" album in your iPhone. From that album, you can permanently delete the content.

    2. Monument recognizes duplicate photos and will not upload the same photo. However, if a photo is a different resolution or has an edit, then Monument will back up both.

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    I bought Monument thinking that it will scan and automatically find all the pictures on my laptop and various hard drives and sd cards cards etc. Will the Monument perform auto scan and find all the pictures in my various hard drives ?

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    That's a great question! Monument automatically backs up from iOS and Android devices (not computers).

    Import From Hard Drive

    Import From SD Card

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