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    Why do you call the setup above a second backup?

    The first HD is the original photo library and the second HD is a mirrored backup of it.

    I am looking for a way to really create an additional, second backup. One that can be stored somewhere else in case something happens to the whole device with both disks.

    Any best practice recommendations?

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    King Pi

    The photo library is not source of your photos but backup of them, isn't it?
    I don't see photo library and backup contradict with each other.

    No recommendation on your request though. Sorry.

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    I think most people wouldn't describe the photo library as a backup, but more as a large curated collection they created over time.

    The same as you would't call a playlist a backup of the songs in there. 

    A lot of things in the photo library (albums, removal of photos with insufficient quality, tags and other metadata) are even done in Monument itself for the first time and that information doesn't exist anywhere else.

    So of course the library is an original that has to be backuped itself. Which is done my Monument with the mirroring. But as you said: "sometimes, you may want a backup of your backup". 

    And you might wan't to store one of those backups in another location, just to be sure (for example: when I lose that data my kids have nothing to remember their childhood!).



    I just found something that halfway answers that part of my original question: 


    But it still looks like I have to take one of the HDs out and make a copy to an external drive on a computer. That copy can then be stored somewhere else. I cannot make another copy on the Monument directly. Am I right?

    Or if I chose to sacrifice the continuous mirroring, I could eject the second drive, store it somewhere and plug it back in from time to time to update the backup on it. Would that work, if it didn't mirror all the changes as they happened?

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