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    is it safe to leave the UPnP enabled ? 

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    Hunter (Edited )

    Hi Emil, it is safe to leave it enabled. Many routers come with UPnP enabled by default (reference).

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    James J Roper

    It doesn't work. My router says it's enabled UnPnP, but, my phone says it can't connect.

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    How do you determine the Monument MAC address?  It's an Apple Airport network and with the latest updates to IOS 11 + they've shut off MAC address reporting (because of abuses, apparently). 

    I've examined the Monument (plugged into Ethernet) and the packaging that came with it.  Usually there is a MAC address sticker on other gear, particularly NIC cards, but I don't find it here. 

    I've tried several OSX and IOS scanners that report MAC address in other systems, but all I get is "not reported" on the Airport network. 

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    James Poulson

    If your router doesn't show the MAC address, ping the IP of your Monument then enter the following in Windows cmd.

    arp -a

    (replace with IP address)

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    James Poulson

    Incidentally, UPnP shows a device on port 8201 with IP x.x.x.6 but Monument is IP x.x.x.7.

    Something odd there which needs looking into.

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    Hi, James! If you have both Ethernet and Wi-Fi setup with Monument, you could be seeing two different IP addresses.

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    Has anyone had luck getting the Monument setup for remote access on an Airport Extreme router? I have set up the port forwarding as above, but it is still showing "cannot enable remote access"... I'm stumped!

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