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    Claus Broholm

    It would be great if you provided a description of what the Windows Desktop Monument App can do. I was expecting to get access to my photos. But it seems that it can only upload new photos.

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    James J Roper

    In fact, the desktop app is too simple (simple is good) because there are no user settings, no configuration, no way to know how to fix it if it doesn't work, which is the case for me.

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    @ClausBroholm    Thanks for the suggestion! We are creating a support article that shows the latest  desktop interface and features.

    @JamesJ.Roper    We have found a solution to your Windows issue and are writing up a support article. We also soon expect to release a new Desktop App that will sync to your "Photos" tab.

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    Matt Camps (Edited )

    The ability for the desktop app to connect to the Monument to view and some basic organizing and editing is the only thing stopping is from using our Monument again. We backed it on Kickstarter but had to use stop using it due to some limitations. Looking forward to using it again soon, as there are still no other options out there. Thanks.

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    Graham Hill

    It would be great if you could make the Windows desktop app work. How hard can it be?

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    James J Roper (Edited )

    I thought the desktop app would be up and running by now. At least I know I am not the only one complaining about it. It does absolutely nothing on my computer. At least it is easy to uninstall.

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    Matt Nash

    Would it be possible to get a Linux port of this?  Or how about publishing some APIs that users could build their own applications for as well?

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