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    Drew's Monument

    I was hoping for a little more depth.

    For example, when you remove a Name, or delete photos from a person, does the device then put them BACK into the suggested in hopes of learning a better match?

    If you delete a set of faces simply because it's not a face you care to have labelled (like someone in the background) when you delete it, does it consider not ever showing that face again?

    What about things that aren't even faces, when you delete a group of faces that say is just a background person, maybe a person on an advertisement and something that's just not a face at all. If you delete the group, does it know which photos you're telling it aren't a face? 

    When you get down to it, is there a way for us to better communicate with the AI so it learns faster?


    Also, how do glasses and sunglasses fit into detecting faces? Does it know to analyze for them?



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