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    CrAZY Drew

    YES! I didn't have to ask for this. You just knew. You're improving LEAPS AND BOUNDS!

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    That does clarify it, thanks Drew!

    We also noticed this and we are making adjustments so that as soon as you begin to search "wed..." it will show up with photos that are tagged Wedding.

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    CrAZY Drew (Edited )

    I'm sorry, I realized I sent this before proof-reading it. 

    My Album name is "A and J's Wedding". And when I search "Wedding", it did not come up in the results.


    I noticed the same thing with my dog. I can search "Risa" and her Album "Risa Bean" comes up. 

    But if I searched for ONLY "Bean" the album would not come up. 

    So unless I include the entire beginning of the name, I can't search for partial entries. 


    Hope that clarifies things. 

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    CrAZY Drew

    Question: I searched the word wedding because I was looking for my sister's wedding album photos and nothing came up. Do partial searches not work? 

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    The only way you'll be able to search for Wedding is if your wedding photos have been tagged with "Wedding".

    However, we are creating an auto-album feature that will pool together photos from the same date/event/time, create an album, and let you name/tag/edit that album.

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