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    How do I edit tags on my PC?

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    Hi there! Currently, that feature is not available in the beta desktop app. It's still under production and will be released in a future update.

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    Ronald Yumol

    Is there a way to edit the camera information if it’s tagged as unknown?

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    Great question! Currently there is no way to edit the camera information if it's unknown.

    Please enter this as a feature request in our community forum :)

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    Morgan Marusteri

    Can I find photos in monument, that have data in the ITPC fields like ”title”, ”Artist” etc? 

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    Good question!

    You can search in the Monument app using the metadata (date and location only) and you can search by tags and keywords that have been manually added to photos in the app. Currently, you can't search photos by "title" or "author".

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    Daniel Bertschi

    Is there an update on this? It would be so much easier to update photo metadata in bulk on a desktop.

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    This must be on an Android phone because it looks different on an iPhone.  On the iPhone I can't edit the location.  Pencil is there but no response.

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    Michael A. Scibetta

    How do I get all the photos with an identical tag to group together?

    Currently, if I tag a photo with Beach (for instance)

    Why doesn't it recognize that I already have a tag called Beach, and why doesn't it put like Tags together.

    Instead I get multiple Tags of the same word.

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