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    David Janover

    Hi there - I'm having an issue exporting the correct photo.  I happen to have two photos with the same name that were taken on different dates.  When I wipe the SD card on my Nikon camera, the picture numbering starts over.  So, I may have a file named DSC_0407.NEF taken on May 5 and another file of the same name, taken in a completely different location on May 20th.  When I click on the photo taken on the earlier date (May 5th in this example), and I export it, it will actually export the photo taken on May 20th.  Monument exports the incorrect photo to my computer, and I am unable to have it export the correct one.  

    Also, is there a way to easily differentiate between JPGs and RAW photos in the view screen, instead of having to show more and clicking each photo to see what it's extension is?  Is it possible to sort by, or show only RAW photos?

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    Hi David, thanks for reaching out to us! We have responded to your ticket request and we look forward to solving this desktop issue :)

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    K O'Rourke

    I learn a lot from reading the answers to questions asked by others. Do you make a point of replying openly so we can all see the answer? Am I not looking in the right places?New here.


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