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    Nathan Teuscher

    How do you delete photos on the Monument? I have uploaded photos under 3 different users (Mom, Dad, Child); however, due to the limitation of not being able to view all user photos on the computer, I want to combine the photos as a single user. I downloaded the photos under Mom and Child and now want to upload all of them under the "Dad" user. But, when I try to upload them, it says that they are duplicates of photos in the database. Next I tried to delete the photos from the database using the desktop app, and it is a painful process. More than 50% of the photos simply re-appear after being deleted. If I delete the a few at a time (<5 photos), then it works most of the time (>60%). But I have 3500 photos to delete! Doing it 5 at a time is awful! (I'm using the desktop app since this help page says that you can't delete files from the mobile app.)

    Should I simply download all the pictures to my local computer and then wipe the drive and start over? 

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    We have followed up with you via support ticket (email) regarding this. Your issue of not being able to delete many photos at once will be fixed in the next firmware update (version 1.6.1)

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