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    The Windows software does not support adding or editing people or tags. When will this functionality be made available?

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    Hunter (Edited )



    • The desktop app now has the option to add people
    • Editing information is still under development
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    Recent update messed every thing up.  Now cannot adding people.  Get error when trying to merge photos.

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    Anton Ziegler

    With Monument 1.x I had about 40 named persons with thousands of images each and about 60 unnamed faces.

    With 2.0.3 I had only about 6-7 named persons with up to 20 images each and 8-10 unnamed faces.

    With 2.0.4 Monument was analyzing for a day and the result was: 4 named persons with 0 images, about 150 new faces and no way to change, delete or merge the existing 4 persons (which happen to be the most important ones).

    And the old existing persons from 1.x are gone forever, right?

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    Dave (Edited )

    Someone messed up big time.  Doesn't help Monument isn't responding.  It was working good before, maybe they can go back to earlier version????


    They don't even answer now


    Just checked my earlier e-mails and saw this, so they are working on it


    Hunter (Monument Support Team)

    Apr 25, 1:15 PM CDT

    Hi Dave, thanks for the update!

    We have found this issue and we have created a fix. We are releasing an update today. I will check back in soon!

    Monument Support Team

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    They appear to have it functioning again, but not as good as it did in the older version.  I have many people photos that were not identified.  They have no way to rescan photos.  Can only manually identify people.  Its strange that when I manually id people in photos that were not identified as people it correctly identifies the people 90 % of the time.  Don't understand why they can't be reprocessed?

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    @Dave @AntonZiegler

    While updating the firmware with improved facial recognition and a new design for Browse > People, there was a bug that caused people to be reset.

    This issue has since been fixed and we have been collecting feedback on the new design. We value your input and would love for everyone to reach out to us at or to leave feedback in our community forum:

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