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    Michael Stacey

    There is no option about people in step 3 on any of the devices connected to my monument

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    There are two instances when you will not see the people field on a photo:

    1. Monument was unable to recognize a person in the photo
    2. There aren't enough photos of that person (minimum 5) to create a suggested person

    If you already have an existing person and the photo has a clear face, please send us a message to and we'll be happy to investigate! :)

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    Ronald Hord

    I have multiple pictures where no person is identified.  The the "No People" option does not show when "Information is selected.  That specific person has multiple photos where they are identified. Working in IOS.  Some of the pictures are IMG Heir format.  Could that be the issue?

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    Most likely, Monument was unable to recognize the same person in those photos. I am reaching out to you to further investigate this! :)

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    Eric Shepherd

    I have many many instances where faces aren't getting detected. I need a way to manually tag these.

    Also, is there a way to tell Monument that something isn't a face? I have accidental faced too.

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    If there isn't an option to manually tag a person then Monument was unable to recognize that face. We have plans to include another manual tagging option for unrecognized faces.

    For accidental tags (not a person), please either delete the tag if the person has already been created. If the person still hasn't been created/named, then deselect the photo before assigning the person a name:

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