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    Really cant lose sight of this feature request. Totally agree with Bill here, for people who's main workflow for photographs is a camera, then it is crucial that once the photos are uploaded then you have access to them for post processing or distribution - both of which are currently very cumbersome if Monument is the primary import utility.

    The flip side to this is that I really like the speed of access to photos on the monument through the app, its fast and the scrolling through hundreds of photos is really good.

    So I would also like to throw in there that because of the limitation I can only see primarily using Monument as the presentation layer for my edited and completed photos not as a source for editing. 
    My workflows will be entirely on PC/MAC and then I will publish TO a folder on the monument letting monument do all it AI Stuff (when it works for Android) - AND I need a method that allows me to remove / update those files - which i think it does ok today (if you change a file on the USB)

    But the desktop/network access requirement remains core to this idea.

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    This not fix and is a massive problem. What the point in having an awesome photo storage solution if i can have photoshop of lightroom to edit the photo?

    I can even bulk download the original photos.

    Can I get any editing software to reference my monument photo and edit them?

    This is a deal breaker for my and many photographers if monument can't do this.

    Please fix!

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    Cordell Viehweg

    Looks like no movement has been made on this request since Sep 2017!!!  Please provide bulk download capability or direct access capability from local computer apps.   Wish I had known of this limitation and apparent unwillingness to address before i bought into it.  


    Please Fix!!!!!

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