More precise location information - search by address and location name




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    This is a great suggestion. Currently, you can go to Browse --> World Map and then pinch to zoom in on a particular city.

    While, integrating Foursquare, Yelp, or another API would be very useful, there are cost and feasibility considerations that block us from developing this in our immediate future.

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    Friend: I really want to check out Harry Potter world. I heard it's good.

    Me: We went last year.

    Friend: Was it worth it!?

    Me: I have pictures somewhere *scroll scroll scroll* I can't find them right now, but yeah it was great!

    Some version of this scenario has happened quite a few times and makes me wish for the precise location tagging. Sure pinch and zoom might get me there, but realistically I wouldn't use it because it's too many steps. But I understand the associated integration costs might be prohibitive at this point. Thanks for considering and replying

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