Sync/ Backup to more than one Monument device in more than one location



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    Hi @Andrew,

    That is a great question! As of today, you can only link one Monument to a single phone/app (there is no switching between devices in the Monument app).

    Here's what we have planned in our roadmap:

    • Monument to Monument sync (you can have multiple Monuments at different locations all sync to each other, i.e. Work and Home). No time frame on this feature yet.

    What we're still discussing is having separate backups on different Monuments and being able to switch between Monuments in the mobile app. If you have any suggestions, we'd be happy to hear :)

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    Having the possibility to sync 2 Monument devices (in 2 different locations) for backup purpose would be very useful.

    I do have 2 monument devices, both with 2 HDD. 

    So a Primary to secondary backup , like it is already done on local HDDs, but over internet link to Secondary Monument device would help a lot.

    Some kind of Rsync feature ?

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    Marc Kobayashi

    Any updates on this?  I have two Monuments as well and would like to put them in different locations an sync them.

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