08/02/2018 - Android 3.0.0rc15


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    King Pi

    rc15 is quite good. I love the auto complete feature! It helps a lot.

    However, there are still some glitches I have in this version. Hopefully you can fix it or give me advice:

    1. Loading of Photos list
    When the app loads at the first time, only small portion of photos loaded(around 300 photos). Loading of full Photos list takes long time
    Will connect Monument to router through ethernet cable help?

    2. Force close when scrolling quickly under Month layout

    3. Sometimes, Photos list refreshes in the middle of usage so it jumps back to top(and have to wait for loading of full Photos list again)
    e.g. switching to another app and switch back even within few seconds

    4. Photos list becomes blank completely
    e.g. watching photos in landscape mode and return to Photos in portrait mode

    5. Wrong icon of Face
    If I choose, say, 2nd photo of a group of photos under one suggested Face and create a Face, icon of it is not 2nd photo but 1st photo which is wrong

    6. Playing of high resoultion video(e.g. 4K) is very lagging
    Will connect Monument to router through ethernet cable help?

    Thank you.

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