Import from USB drive should move photos



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    Anton Ziegler

    Yes, please. 

    In my opinion this is one of the most important requests. A lot of users (you can see it in the thread about import speed) including myself don't like the current import from HDD as it leaves you with a total mess on file system level.

    So people try to import of massive amounts of media files through LAN and WIFI. I even copied my whole photo library to SD-cards and imported it that way. Of course all of those options are very time consuming and therefore frustrating.

    Changing the import from USB to copy the files in the regular Monument file structure would improve the initial import experience a lot. Therefore the overall acceptance of your otherwise great tool would be a lot higher.

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    Trevor Ballantine

    +1. The current system is clumsy and could easily result in accidental deletion of photos. Thanks!

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