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    Tony Cottrill

    Agreed - extra vote.This would be helpful, in much the same way as retaining the original filename. Original filename alone may be sufficient for most.

    Please add "Imported to monument date" too!

    However, retaining the original folder and path in addition to filename is helpful as naming conventions used for path may have meaningful names providing context and useful info and act to show where the content originally came from.
    Would need to be partial name searchable too!

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    Fern Berard

    Tony - if you're following this, I've since discovered that the filename is retained and does show up (at the top center of the screen) if you're browsing photos in the Windows app. I don't know about the other apps though. In case of duplicates, I would imagine that it saves the first filename it came across but haven't tested that. Monument might be able to clarify.

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