04/15/2019 - Android 3.2.0



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    King Pi

    There is no "Show information" when I viewing a single photo after updating to this version.

    People page shows "Monument is updating and this feature will be available once the update is complete" for couple days.

    Are these normal?

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    Hi King!

    There are several issues we're aware of and are currently working on.

    1. Show Information was removed but it will be back. For now, you can open a photo and swipe up from the bottom to view information.
    2. People Missing - This issue is currently being investigated
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    King Pi (Edited )


    Hi Hunter,

    Just want to update you that my People page shows "Start now" when I checked it just now. Inside "Start Now", it shows about dozen suggested faces but one of my best friend(she was the 2nd person by number of photos) and my parents are not in list so this list is not complete clearly.


    Btw, swiping up for photo information works fine. Thanks for telling.

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