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    Hi Armando,

    Thanks for taking the time to share these.

    Just to follow up on this message, please let me clarify a few points.


    Regarding USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 :

    We evaluated using USB 3.0 in terms of price and performance. When you backup content, you do not transfer thousands of them each time, instead your library grows over time. This is why you would not see the USB 3.0 advantage as you'll be transferring a few photos at a time which will not affect the speed significantly. 

    Regarding 2G WiFi:

    2.4GHz comes with pros and cons - on the positive side, it can penetrate through walls better. Also, considering that many 5G routers supports 2.4GHz at the same, so that, we decided to use it mostly to keep our prices affordable.

    Regarding sharing:

    Implementing selective sharing and other access controls are on our plans. As you mentioned, currently, you can share your entire camera roll and albums with other Monument users.

    User switching on Desktop:

    It's on our plans. Thank you for bringing this up. Alternatively, if the sharing is enabled, you can switch between the users to see photos.


    Again, thank you for sharing these suggestions; much appreciated.

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