Manual face tagging when no face was detected



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    King Pi

    Accord to Engadget, you can only tag the face as long as Good Photos recognized it is a face. It is as same as current Manual Tag feature in Monument.

    Of course, if possible, I would like this feature as well since I also found many faces were not recognized in Monument.

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    Thanks for sharing this.

    We're currently working on a new face detection model to improve the accuracy for finding faces. Once we have better results, we'll add this update automatically. So that, missing faces can be recognized with a higher accuracy.

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    Basti S.

    Perfect, sounds good.

    Because as already mentioned in another topic... I had for example 7 photos of my son and me, all nearly the same, the faces were all good visible. But on the half only the faces of us were detected, on the other half only of my son.

    This is a little bit frustrating from time to time and to let them re-scan for example or manual be tagged would be great.



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