List all used tags (automatic and added by user) - in all desktop / mobile apps



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    This makes good sense to me also. Tags are a great organizational tool. 

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    Thanks for sharing this.

    I understand that you'd like to select the tags that Monument can use for automatic tagging.

    If you'd like to change tags, you can use the mobile apps to update them. To try this, please select a photo(s) with the auto-tag and swipe the screen up. Then select the editing icon to modify the tag. After deleting the tag, select "Save" and it should be updating the details.


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    Basti S. (Edited )

    Hello Eric,

    No, you misunderstood.

    Please think about the following use cases:

    • I set a lot of tags on my pictures and want to see which tags I used in the past to prevent several versions of the same meaning.
    • I did a misspelling in my tags and cannot find pictures I know for sure that I set tags for. If I have a list of all tags I can trace them - select all photos with that wrong tag and correct. But without a list, how should I find the wrong tag? Trying several versions of words? No, please not.
    • If I have an overview in the apps with all tags I can also just click on it to get all pictures with that tag. Very comfortable. It could also be possible to select multiple tags in the same way I can select multiple photos to combine a search.

    At the moment the tagging tool is a black box in my opinion. I WANT to see which tags I used, I DON'T WANT to remember which tags I used when tagging and with a little bit luck I use the same. Yes, I get suggestions when tagging. Anyway - I want an overview with all tags to feel comfortable.

    To get a really good tag structure we need an overview too.

    It could be a new menu here:


    Please make this possible.


    Thank you.



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