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    Alison Christie-Upton


    I don't have that issue with the android app. I can go into the person and select one, which then allows me to select all, then download or put into an album.

    I also have the app on my ipad, and it allows me select one which then allows me to select all, and then share to the image folder.

    Or are you talking about the PC version? If yhou go into the person then use the control button while clicking on the photos, then you can export them. If there's a lot of photos, reduce the image size, click on the 1st one, then scroll to the bottom, and hold down the shift button, click on the last one.

    As an ex trainer, I used to call the control (ctrl) button the kid is a sweet shop button (as in, I want that one, and that one, and that one) and the shift button as the hugging button (I was all of them!)

    Hope that helps.

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