Manual face tagging

Monument includes facial detection and recognition software to group together photos of the same person, but sometimes photos cannot be matched or detected at all. In such a case, tap the face icon to tag them. 

If you don't see the recognized faces, you can still select "Add" and drag the frame to point the faces manually and tag them .

Note: Tagging other users' photos is not allowed. Only the owner of the photo can make changes.


Open a photo and click on the face icon at the top right. If a face is detected but could not be matched, the app shows an option to tag the face. After typing a few characters, the app will autocomplete the name.This will help improve the accuracy of the Artificial Intelligence software to group photos.


If a face cannot be detected like in the example below, you can drag the frame to name the unrecognized face. To start with, select the face icon and then "Add" to insert the frame to the canvas. 

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