Connect a primary drive

To configure an external USB Drive as the primary drive, please follow the steps below.

When there's no drive connected, you will see a notification on the Photos tab. Connect the first drive to any of the USB ports behind.
Note: It may take a few minutes for the hard drive to initialize.
Note: If you have connected the drive to a computer, please make sure it's safely removed using Eject function before unplugging it from the computer.

Once the drive is initialized, select View Drives to see the details and tap Use As Primary option.

The drive will become your Primary Drive.
⚠️ Primary drive needs to be stayed connected to Monument 2 all the time.

Some notes on the primary drive screen:
1: Capacity of the drive and percentage of available space on the connected USB drive
2: Port number of the Monument 2 that this drive is connected to
3: Model information and the file system of the drive
4: To import contents that are already available on this drive to your Monument library
5: Safely eject the drive before unplugging it from your Monument 2
6: Advanced menu option to remove/disassociate the drive from your Monument 2 system.
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