Play slideshow

Connect Monument to a TV or monitor and use the Slide show feature to display photos on the big screen. The slideshows can be set up on any active view. For example, if photos from a location or a person is selected, these photos will be included to the slideshow. 

You can also display a selected photo on TV and control the view manually rather than setting up an automatic slideshow. 

ℹ️ Playing videos on TV will be included in the later firmware updates. This feature is disabled temporarily.


Setting a slideshow

Connect your Monument to a TV/Monitor with an HDMI cable. 
Do not connect Monument to a laptop or to a computer using the HDMI cable. HDMI cable can be connected to a TV or monitor.
Select the options menu on any active view and select Start Slide Show on TV. After selecting the play button, the slideshow will start on the connected TV/monitor.

Options on this menu:
- Order: You can change the order of the photos to be displayed. You can keep it as it looks on the active view by selecting " Same", reversed, or random order by selecting " Shuffle".
- Start over when finished: The slideshow will be run in loop if enabled.
- Time between photos: Set a delay between each photo on the slideshow.
When the slideshow is running in background, a playback indicator is displayed. The show can be managed by selecting Settings > Running slide show on TV.

Displaying a single photo (manual control)

Select and display a photo on your phone. Then select the Display on TV after selecting options menu.

Select the target display to continue. Displaying on TV indicator appears on the upper right
- If there's a Chromecast device is available on your network, you can also select this option to stream photos and videos.
- To display on Apple TV, enable screen mirroring (iOS app only). 

Swipe left or right to control. If you want to end the show, swipe down the displayed photo.
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