Import from USB drives

Monument helps you import your photos and videos directly from your external USB drives with just a few easy steps. You can start the process by plugging in the external drive to Monument 2 using the ports behind. 

Make sure that your primary drive (internal SSD or external USB Drive) is connected and active. Then plug in the USB Drive to your Monument 2.
Note: Please make sure there is enough space available on the primary drive. Monument will copy the contents from the external drive into the primary drive.

Open Settings>Hard Drives using the Monument app and select the drive you plugged in.
Select Import From Drive and choose the folder you'd like to import by tapping the check box next to it. Then select Start Import.
ℹ If the drive is not safely removed/ejected from your computer, the initialization may take a while as Monument may need to scan the drive.

Select the option Import as Albums if you'd like to keep the existing folder structure and create albums automatically. Then tap Start Import to start the process.

The import process will start and run in background automatically. You can monitor the details of an ongoing importing process by selecting View Current Import. The Monument app can be closed now.
Note: If the target folder include duplicate files, only one of them will be copied to Monument. If there's already a copy available on Monument, none of the files will be copied even the filenames are different.

Depending on the size of the target folder, the importing process may take a while. Once the import is completed, you can see its status and download a more detailed report by selecting Settings>Import Status using the Monument app.

As all files are imported, Monument will start processing and organize your content. You will see the LED status blinking white.
You can now eject the drive from Monument. Select Settings>Hard Drives>[select the drive]>Eject to safely remove the drive from Monument. 

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