Import from SD Cards

To back up SD cards from your DSLR cameras, insert them into the card reader on the front of Monument. SD Cards can be saved to the app so that they are automatically recognized when inserted and all new photos are automatically backed up to the respective user's library.

Note: Previously backed up photos will not be uploaded again from the SD Card. Monument prevents duplicate copies to be created automatically.
Insert the SD Card into the card reader and select Settings>SD Cards to view the SD Card. Then select Import from SD Card to continue.

If you select the option to remember, each time this SD Card is inserted, all new content will be copied automatically into the respective user's library.
Select Start Import to start the import.

You can monitor the details of an ongoing importing process by selecting View Current Import.

Once the import is complete, you can download a detailed report by selecting the last import in the list or select Settings>Import Status.

Note: You can remove the SD Card from a user profile by selecting Forget in the options menu.

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