Add new users and devices

After Monument 2 is set up, you can add new users and install the Monument app to other devices. Multiuser support helps each user create backup and have their content synched across all of their devices. 

Only the device owner/admin of the Monument 2 device can invite new users to join.

Note: While you can add as many users as you need, after adding more than 5 users may cause performance degradation on your Monument.
Note: After a user is created, sharing photos is disabled by default. Each user needs to enable sharing separately. Share content with others
Install the Monument app on the new users' phone or computer.
Using the admin user (the owner) open  Settings > Users using the Monument app and select Invite User. In the next screen, enter the email address of the new user and confirm the email address.

ℹ The list of invited users can be accessed by selecting Settings > Users > Invite User. You can resend the invitation email or delete the pending invitations on this screen.
Verify the email sent to the new user's email address by clicking the Join Monument button. If the link is opened using the new user's phone/tablet, the Monument app will be opened automatically and the setup will resume automatically.

On the new user's phone or computer, enter the email address and the invite code if prompted.

Select the upload method and grant permissions to the Monument app to complete the setup. 

ℹ Each user on Monument can install the Monument app to all devices and use the respective email address to setup.
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