Share content with others

You can share content with other users on your Monument or anyone outside your Monument even they do not have the app. 


Sharing content with other users on your Monument

Share your entire photo library with other users on your Monument so they can see all of your backed up content, add it to albums, or favorite photos. Other users can also share their photo libraries with you as well. To enable sharing, please follow the steps on this guide.

Note: Photos and videos from other users cannot be deleted or modified. Only the owner of the content can modify or delete photos/videos.

Go to Settings > Users and select the user you want to share your library with.

Select Share All Photos to start sharing. You will see the sharing status for each user and manage sharing by selecting the user again.

Sharing selected albums with users on your Monument

Display the album and select the options menu and then Share Album to Other Users. Select the user on your Monument to share this album with.

Spread the joy by inviting your friends and family and share your albums and photos with them. Just select the photos or albums you'd like to share and Monument automatically creates a secure sharable link for you. Anyone having this link can display and download shared photos.

Note: When sharing external links, Settings > Remote access needs to be enabled.
Select a single photo or more content by long pressing a photo and then tap more or swiping your finger through the list. Then tap on the share icon and select Copy Share Link to copy the link or select from the the apps on your phone to share this link.

You can also create sharable links for the selected albums with anyone using external sharing. After opening the album you'd like to share, tap the options menu and select Share Album Link. Monument will generate a unique link to share with anyone. Copy this link to share or select from the apps on your phone to share this link.

Manage external links

You can delete or find the list of shared links by selecting Settings > Share List.

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