Connecting remotely

Monument 2 can be accessed remotely over any Wi-Fi network or using Cellular Data. Once Remote Access is turned on, you can back up, view, and download your content from anywhere in the world using the Monument apps. 
Note: This feature is enabled by default. If it's disabled, it can only be enabled again while the Monument app is on the same network with Monument and the connection status is Connected. Do not turn this feature off while you're connected remotely.


How Remote Access works

Monument is designed to connect to your device from anywhere over a secure, encrypted end-to-end channel using the Monument apps. When configuring the Remote Access feature, Monument first attempts to use the port 8201 on your router using a network technology called UPnP (Universal Plug and Play). This connection allows Monument apps to connect securely to your Monument device using this port. 
If UPnP is not enabled or can not be configured on your WiFi router, Monument automatically uses ssh reverse proxy setting as an alternative to authenticate with the Monument apps. 

Enable Remote Access

Follow the steps below to enable Remote Access option again.
Verify that the Settings > Connection Status is Connected.
Turn the Remote Access setting ON.

To test the functionality, turn WiFi off temporarily and enable Cellular Data on your phone to connect from a mobile network. Alternatively, you can try connecting from another WiFi access point to test the connectivity.
Note: If you're trying to upload content over the cellular network, you need to enable Settings > Upload > Use Cellular Data option on the Monument app. Uploading content over cellular data will use your mobile data plan.
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