How can I sync photos from iCloud / Apple Photos?

There are a few ways to back up photos from your iCloud/Apple Photos library to Monument 2 depending on if you have iCloud enabled or not. Let's check out these options. 


Using iPhone/iPad with iCloud enabled

The preferred and easiest way is to use the Monument App on your iPhone if the iCloud is enabled on your phone/tablet. Just turn auto-upload on and Monument app on your phone/tablet will connect to iCloud to download the original resolutions of your photos and videos and syncs them with Monument. 

Depending on the volume of your library on iCloud, this process may take a while. Just keep the Monument app active or running in background; do not kill the app.
If you do not have an iPhone, you can also back up using the desktop app.

Open Settings > Upload and enable Auto-upload.
Note: You can check if iCloud is enabled on your phone by selecting your iPhone/iPad's Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photos
Only the original high resolution content will automatically back up to Monument from your iCloud.

Monument will start syncing photos from iCloud by downloading the original resolutions. You can monitor the status by tapping on the upload status under Photos or selecting Settings > Upload.
If you're seeing some errors, Monument will retry connecting to iCloud to sync these photos as they may not be available to download from iCloud. In some cases, some of the contents could be corrupt or damaged on iCloud and these files can not be synced to Monument.

Using Apple Photos on a Mac computer

If iCloud is not enabled for Photos app or you have the original resolutions on your computer, you can just drag and drop the Photos folder into the Monument app.

If you're using Apple Photos on your Mac and enabled iCloud, please make sure you have the original resolutions on your computer.

If you are keeping optimized resolutions, not the original resolutions on your computer, it's recommended to export your content first to your computer or an external drive first.

You can check this configuration by selecting Preferences > iCloud  on the Photos app.

To export your content, please first make sure you're logged into iCloud on your computer.

Select all photos by selecting Command + A on your keyboard. Then select  File > Export > Export Unmodified Original For .. Items

Select Export and then choose a download location to export your photos.

All photos and videos from your iCloud will be saved in their original quality once the export is complete.

Drag and drop the exported folder into the Monument desktop app or Monument Network folder to upload them to Monument 2.
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