How do I import contents to my Monument?

If you have photos and videos saved on a USB Drive, a computer or other storage device, you can import them to your existing Monument library. 

Follow the guides below for each import option. 


Import from computers

If your photos are stored on your computer, there are a few options to transfer your photos. 

If you have a very large library and have an USB Drive available, the quickest way is to copy these folders into the USB Drive using your computer and then plugging it to Monument 2. 

The other alternative is to use the "Quick Import" method which helps you copy and paste folders to the Monument network drive. To use this method, you need to be on the same network with your Monument. 

Finally, you can import files and folders directly from your computer using the Desktop app. This method allows you keep monitoring changes in these folders and enable automatic uploading. Also, this method helps you upload photos and videos from anywhere even outside of your home network using Remote Access.

Import from external USB drives

If you already have an external drive to keep your photos and videos, you can use the USB quick import method to import these content to Monument 2.

Import from a Camera using SD Card

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