Backup to a NAS

Monument 2 now supports creating a backup to an existing NAS drive. All of the content stored on the primary drive is synced to the target folder on the NAS. 

To start with, please make sure SMB or SFTP service is running on your NAS device. 

Note: If the connection cannot be established to your NAS, please try enabling SMB 3.0 protocol on your NAS device.

Open Settings > Hard Drives on the Monument app and select Add Network Backup. Monument will scan for the supported services on your network automatically. 

Available end points are discovered and listed in the result screen. You can also enter the network drive details manually if necessary. Enter the username and password for the network drive and select Connect.

Choose the folder you'd like to use on your NAS. Monument will add the network drive as a backup drive.

Monument will start syncing the primary drive with the network drive automatically. If there is an active transfer or processing, the backup process will resume once these tasks are completed. You can see the backup status after selecting the network drive from the list.

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