Connect a backup drive

The second drive connected to Monument 2 can be configured as the backup drive. All of the content stored on the Primary Drive is synced automatically when there's no active uploads or on going process on Monument 2. 

You can also configure an off-site backup to a network drive (NAS) or to a computer on the same network.  


Backup to an external USB Drive

Connect the external USB Drive to the empty USB slot.
It is recommended to use a backup drive that has at least same or higher capacity than the primary drive. If the backup drive size is smaller than the primary drive, then a partial backup will be completed.
After the initialization, select View Drives. You will see the drive marked as New Device. Select the item from the list to continue.  

You will see the drive details such as which port it is connected to, capacity, filesystem and the model information. Select Use As Backup and confirm the selection using the dialog. 

The backup drive will be marked as Backup in the list. After selecting the drive, the backup status will be displayed. If the contents from the primary drive is synced with the backup drive, you will see the status Synced.
Note: Backup process resumes automatically when there is no active content upload or processing on Monument.

Backup to a NAS

You can configure your Monument 2 to create an an additional backup to an existing NAS device on your network. You can follow the steps in this guide to setup. 

Backup to a Network Drive

Back up to a computer

After starting the file sharing service on your computer, you can configure your Monument 2 to sync the primary drive with the folder selected on your computer. This requires your computer to be up and running on your local network. 

Backup to a Computer

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