Backup to a computer

This guide helps you create an additional backup of the primary drive to a folder selected on your computer. You can configure this folder to an online folder or another connected service running on your computer. 

Following guide shows the steps to start the file sharing service on a Mac computer. 

Open System Preferences > Sharing on your Mac and from the list, enable File Sharing service. You can change the folder location that will be shared on your computer. In this example, the home folder of the default user is selected.    

Note: You may need the IP address and the username later when entering network drive details manually. The IP address and the username are highlighted with red in the above screenshot.
Open the Monument app and select Settings > Hard Drives > Add Network Backup. Monument will scan your network for the available services. If the end point can not be found, you can enter the details manually and select Connect.

Connection type: Choose between SAMBA or SFTP service. In this example, select SMB
Server: This is the IP address of your computer on your network
Port: Default port number for SMB
User: Username of your computer
Password: Password being used on your computer for the selected user
Share name: This is the name of the home folder on your computer. Most of the time, this directory name on Mac computers is the username of the computer. Alternatively, you can choose an external or an online drive where you want to create the backup.

ℹ You can reserve/assign the same IP address to your computer by reserving this address on your router. So, each time your computer restarts, it will use the same IP address.
ℹ If you're seeing Authentication error, please check username and the password again.
ℹ If you're seeing Server could not be reached error, please verify and correct the Share Name folder with the correct folder name on your computer. Please also check the Shared Folder list and corresponding Users as well as their permissions (Read & Write) on your computer. Please refer to the screenshot in step-1 of this article.
Choose the shared folder and continue. 

Monument will start syncing the primary drive with the selected shared folder on your computer. 
If there is an active transfer or processing, the backup process will resume once these tasks are completed. You can see the backup status after selecting the network drive from the list.

On the computer, you will find the folder monument which is the mirrored copy of the primary drive.

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