When you upload photos to Monument, it checks and prevents duplicates to be copied automatically. If you have the exact photo, even the filenames are different, only one copy will be created. 

If there is an edited and unedited version of the same photo or different resolutions, Monument will back up both of them.

If you're seeing similar copies, there could be modified and unmodified versions of the same photo. If you have received/sent these files using a messaging app, or used another solution to backup/edit photos, the metadata information usually stripped by these apps and most of the time, they create another version with a different resolution. 
Monument 2 comes with a feature to review and delete the lower resolutions automatically. You can review these versions by selecting  Settings > Review duplicates using the Monument app.  

If there are photos that appear to be duplicates, please check the following information: 

  1. Original vs Edited
    • All unique versions are backed up. 
    • Modified photos that have different color, brightness, contrast etc. will be backed up. 
  2. Resolution
    • Different resolutions of the same photo can appear as duplicates.
    • Open a photo in the app and swipe up to view more information.

    ℹ️ Photos with different resolutions can be filtered and deleted by selecting Settings > Review Duplicates

    Note: Advanced Duplicate Detection is disabled temporarily for improvements. It will be enabled again with firmware version 3.0.12

  3. File format
    • Different file formats of the same photo can appear as duplicates (e.g. JPG, PNG etc.)
    • Open a photo in the app and swipe up to view more information

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