Migration to Monument 2 could not be completed

If the migration to Monument 2 from Monument 1 could not be completed, please check the following: 

If you're seeing an error during the migration process on Monument 1, please try again while keeping only the primary drive connected to Monument 1. If you're using a backup drive, please disconnect it temporarily.
If Monument 1 is busy processing pending uploads, it will wait until these tasks are complete.
Please make sure you're connecting the primary drive to Monument 2. If you're connecting the backup drive, migration will not start.
If Monument 2 is already set up, the migration will not start. You can factory reset your Monument 2 by selecting Settings>Factory reset if the app is installed, or select "Other options/Monument 1>Factory reset" when you open the app for the first time.

Manual Migration

If the migration can not be completed, you can migrate your library manually by following the steps below. This process will not migrate albums, WiFi configuration, user defined tags, and users to Monument 2.
Power off Monument 1 and unplug the USB Drives. 
⚠️ You need to factory reset your Monument 1 by selecting Settings > Factory reset or if the app on your phone is installed for the first time, select Other options/Monument 1 > Factory reset to continue with resetting your Monument 1 to its factory settings.

If you do not have access to your Monument 1 or you can not complete the factory reset, you will need to use an email address that is not associated with Monument 1 when setting up your Monument 2.
Power on Monument 2 and complete the setup by following the steps using the setup guide. Do not plug in the primary drive yet.
Once the setup is completed, please plug in the drive that you want to use with Monument 2 and make it primary. If you're using another drive or internal SSD with Monument 2, then plug in the primary drive from Monument 1.
Import user folders from monument directory for each user you created on Monument 2.

To start with, select the drive from Monument 1 under "Settings > Hard Drives" and then "Import From Drive" > (select the monument folder) > (select the user folder) > Start Import
ℹ️ After logging in to Monument 2 for each user, repeat the importing user folders.

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