Set up Monument 2

Monument 2 is a new way of securing and enjoying your photos and videos. It is designed to deliver an entirely new way to discover and enjoy photos. With its intuitive navigation and easy organization, Monument 2 provides a clutter free experience while keeping your needs in the center, not your personal data.

This guide will help you to set up your new Monument 2.


Migrating from Monument 1

⚠️ If you are migrating from Monument 1 and want to keep your existing configuration, please follow the steps on this migration guide. Do not proceed with the steps on this setup guide.

Set up a new Monument 2

Connect the suitable plug socket to the power adapter. To do this, firmly insert the plug socket into the base by aligning the lock notch and then rotate it firmly until it engages and mates with the body. Wiggle the socket to ensure it is properly installed not loose.

⚠️ Do not attempt to use the power supply body without securing the plug socket.

⚠️ Only use the supplied power adapter (DC 5V / 2500mA).

Install the Monument app to an iOS or Android phone. Follow this link to access download links.

⚠️ The initial setup needs to be completed using a mobile device. It can not be completed using a computer. Once the setup is completed, you can use the desktop application.

If you're using a diskless model, connect an external USB Drive or an internal SSD storage unit to Monument 2. If you're using a built-in SSD model, skip this step.
Note: You can install your own SATA enabled internal SSD drive by following the steps here.
Connect the power connector to boot Monument. Then wait for the front LED turning to blinking blue which means Monument is ready for setup.

Open the Monument app on your phone or tablet and select "Get Started". Then enter your email address and name to continue.
⚠️ If you are a previous Monument 1 user and have not completed the automated migration, you need to use an email address that is not associated with Monument 1 when setting up your Monument 2.

Confirm your email address by selecting the link on the email. After confirming, you will see the "Continue" button becomes active.

Note: If you have made multiple requests, some email clients may group the messages. Please make sure you're using the link in the latest email.

The app will search and connect to your Monument 2 over Bluetooth.
Note: Please make sure the location permission is granted when it was prompted. Android and iOS operating systems require Location permission to enable Bluetooth connectivity.

Next, you will see the WiFi networks that Monument can join. Select the WiFi network you want to connect Monument to and enter the WiFi password.
Note: For best results, make sure that your phone or tablet is connected to the same WiFi network.
Note: Note: If Ethernet is connected, the WiFi configuration step is skipped.

Now, Monument will be initialized and registered. If there's a new firmware available, Monument will download and install the new firmware. Depending on the network speed, this update may take awhile - please be patient.
Note: When prompted, allow the Monument app to communicate with the Monument device on your network.

Once the firmware is updated, you can choose the uploading method. You may be prompted for the permission to access to photos on your phone. Please allow access and continue.
Note: When prompted, allow the Monument app to communicate with the Monument device on your network.

Congratulations! Your Monument is set up and ready to use.
Note: Depending on your model, you may be promoted for installing a storage unit to your Monument in the next screen.

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