Migrating to Monument 2

Making the move to Monument 2 from Monument 1? We're happy you're here and we've got you covered.

This guide will help you transfer your library and configuration to your new device so you can get back to enjoying your photos and the new features of Monument 2. 

⚠️ After the migration, Monument 2 will begin processing your library with its new Artificial Intelligence software to recognize faces and what's in your photos. You will need to name faces again after this process is completed.

All user generated tags, albums, users and connection settings from Monument 1 will be transferred to Monument 2.

Before starting the migration process, please verify the following:

  • If you are switching to an internal SSD with Monument 2, please make sure the SSD capacity is higher than the total library size.
  • Before starting the migration to Monument 2, please make sure the Monument software version on your Monument 1 device is 2.6.0 or higher. You can verify the version information using the Monument app on your phone under Settings > Monument Version.
  • If there are pending uploads or processing on Monument 1, migration will start after these tasks are completed. 
  • If you are using Ethernet connection on Monument 1, please connect the Ethernet cable to Monument 2 and continue using this connection method on Monument 2 during the migration process. 
  • If you used "Import Folder" function on Monument 1, you need to import this folder again once the migration is completed. Please check Step 4 under "Connecting to Monument 2" section for the details. 
⚠️ Do not set up your Monument 2 by following the generic setup flow if you're migrating from Monument 1. Please follow this guide if you're migrating from Monument 1.

⚠️ If you completed the initial setup on Monument 2 and want to migrate from Monument 1, you need to factory reset your Monument 2 before following this guide.


Steps to follow on Monument 1

Before starting the migration process, please: 
  • Turn auto-upload off by selecting Settings>Upload
  • Eject the backup drive and unplug its USB cable: Settings>Hard Drives>[select the backup drive]>Eject 
    Note: The USB port number that the backup drive is connected is indicated on the Settings>Hard Drives menu
  • Restart unit by selecting Settings>Restart
After seeing the front LED steady white, please select "Settings" > "Device Settings" > "Migrate to Monument 2" to start the migration process.
ℹ This menu option is only available to the owner of the Monument 1 and other users cannot see

Confirm the dialog messages to continue with the migration process. Monument will prepare your primary drive to transfer your content to Monument 2 automatically.
⚠️ Once the migration is completed, the settings on your Monument 1 will be deleted. Your content will remain on the connected external drive. If you do not have the Monument 2 ready to set up, do not start this process.

Wait for the confirmation message and you can safely remove the external drive from your Monument 1. It is now ready to be plugged into Monument 2.
⚠️ You need to use the primary drive for the migration. Remove the primary drive from the port on your Monument 1. Port number is displayed on the confirmation message.

Unplug the power connection from Monument 1.

Steps to follow on Monument 2

Connect the power cable to Monument 2. Wait for the LED status on Monument 2 to start blinking blue. If you used Ethernet connection with Monument 1, connect the Ethernet cable to Monument 2.
You can monitor the migration process if you connect your Monument 2 to a TV or monitor using HDMI.

Connect the primary USB Drive to your new Monument 2 and the migration process will start automatically. During this process, you will see the LED on front changing colors.

If you're using using a non-SSD Monument 2, the migration process should take a few minutes only. For SSD models, the entire library will be copied over to the internal drive and could take a while.

Once the process is complete, you will see the LED status turning into steady green and a confirmation message on the screen. Shortly after 5 seconds, Monument 2 will restart itself.
After the restart, the LED status will become steady light and you will see moving icons on the HDMI interface. It means, the migration is complete.

Connecting to Monument 2

Now, you can open the Monument app and enter the same email address used on Monument 1 to start. Confirm the email sent to the main user's email address.

After confirming the email, select the upload method and Monument 2 will load the library of the main user.

If you had multiple users on Monument 1, now you can invite them to Monument 2 to complete their setups. To do this, open Settings > Users and select Invite Users

If you had used "Import Folder" feature on your Monument 1, now you can import the folder from your primary drive to your Monument 2 library. To do this, open Settings > Hard Drives tap on the primary drive, and select Import From Drive to add the external folder to your Monument 2.
Once the import process is completed, you can delete the imported folder from your drive as the contents will be copied into the monument folder.
Unlike Monument 1, Monument 2 copies the imported folders under the main monument folder. If you want to delete this folder from the primary drive, please first eject the drive by selecting Settings > Hard Drives > [select the primary drive] > Eject and then connect to your computer to delete.

⚠️ If the migration could not be completed, please follow the migration troubleshooting guide.
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