Format internal SSD

If you need to format the Internal SSD Drive, you can follow the below steps. This helps you format/wipe all contents of the internal SSD without having to use a computer. 

Please note
- When an unformatted Internal SSD Drive is plugged in as the primary drive, Monument formats this drive and creates a partition automatically. 
- Formatting function is not available for external USB drives. This menu option is available only if an internal SSD is configured as primary drive. 

When using the factory reset, Monument does not delete the contents of the internal drive. If you need to format/wipe the contents of the internal drive before the factory reset, you can follow the below steps.
⚠️ Formatting the internal drive will delete all contents stored on the drive permanently. Please use this function with caution!
Select the Internal SSD Drive under Settings > Hard Drives and open the options menu. Select Format to start. 

After the restart, Monument will start formatting the internal SSD drive. Depending on the capacity, this action may take about 5 minutes. Please wait until the restart is completed and LED turns into steady white again.

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