Factory reset

Factory reset brings Monument 2 to the default settings and removes all configuration including albums, tags, faces, and connected users from the device. Contents will remain on the connected drive and the mobile apps will automatically sign out. 

ℹ Factory reset can be completed when you're nearby the Monument 2 and requires enabling Bluetooth on the mobile device.
ℹ If you are using an Internal SSD Drive and need to delete/wipe the contents of the Internal SSD Drive before factory reset, please follow the steps here: Format Internal SSD Drive.

To continue with the factory reset please follow the below steps: 

Select Settings > Factory Reset using the Monument app on your phone and enter the serial number that starts with 312. 

Monument app will connect to the device over Bluetooth. Once it matches the serial number, the admin user (owner of the device) will receive an email to confirm this action.

Once the link in the email is confirmed, the app will continue with the process and Monument 2 will be restarted and a confirmation dialog will be displayed. Monument is now ready for a new setup and the LED status will be blinking blue.

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