Internal SSD Drive can not be initialized

If the internal SSD Drive can not be initialized, please use this guide to troubleshoot the problem and verify the following items. 

Note: ⚠️ Monument 2 supports SATA enabled M2 2280 form factor internal drives. Please make sure you're following this guide: Installing internal SSD drive to install your own SSD drive and some of the compatible drives. 

DO NOT attempt to plug in a NVMe/PCIe drive to Monument 2. This will damage the main board and voids the Warranty.
DO NOT plug in the SSD in reverse direction. This will damage the main board and voids the Warranty.

It is recommended to use an unformatted drive on Monument 2. Monument will format and prepare the drive automatically.

  • If the SSD Drive is formatted, please make sure it is formatted using one of the following file systems: exFAT, NTFS, HFS+, EXT4 / EXT3 / EXT2. Encrypted or password protected filesystems are not supported.  Suggested reading: Connecting hard drives
  • If there's already a primary drive associated with Monument 2, the internal SSD will not be initialized. Internal SSD needs to be configured as the primary drive.
    If there's already a drive plugged in, please use Settings > Hard Drives > [select the primary drive] > [select the options menu] > Forget to disassociate the existing primary drive. Then the internal SSD will automatically become the primary drive.

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