Cannot connect to Monument

If you are seeing the Connection Status under Settings > Connection Status is Disconnected, this guide will help you troubleshoot this error. If there is an ongoing upload or process, these will resume once the connection is restored. 

👉 In most of the cases, connecting Monument to the WiFi router using an Ethernet cable resolves the connection problems. 

Common problems: 

WiFi password is changed or another WiFi router is installed: If the WiFi password is changed, please follow the Change WiFi Configuration steps to reconnect your Monument to the WiFi network. 

WiFi reception: Monument could be out of WiFi range or the WiFi signal could be interfered by other access points nearby. Please try connecting your Monument to the WiFi router using an ethernet cable. 

WiFi router is offline: Please check if your WiFi router is powered on. If your router is not powered on, Monument can not connect to your network. 

WiFi settings: If you enabled access control restrictions or MAC filtering on your WiFi router, this prevents Monument to connect to the WiFi router. 

Monument is not powered on: Please check the LED status on your Monument. If the LED is not lit, check the power connections or try plugging in the adapter to another power outlet. Always make sure you're using the original power supply. 

Connecting from another network or from mobile: If your phone/tablet is not on the same network with Monument: if you're trying to connect to your Monument from another network or your phone is connected to 3G/4G/5G mobile network, the Remote Access setting should be enabled to access your Monument. Do not attempt to change this settings when you're not on the same network with your Monument. The Remote Access setting can be enabled again when your phone is on the same network with your Monument. 

Firewall or network controlling device: If you have installed a network controller device or a firewall managing your network, please make sure access to Monument is enabled. 

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