How do I change the WiFi connection?

If you've changed networks or are disconnected from Monument, try resetting the Wi-Fi configuration of Monument while on the same network as Monument. Uploading will continue normally once reconnected.

Note: If your WiFi credentials are changed and you do not have access to the app, you need to connect your Monument 2 to the WiFi router using an Ethernet cable. After this, you can continue with the app setup by entering the registered email that is associated with your Monument 2.
Select Settings > Change Wi-Fi Configuration and tap to "Continue"

Now the Monument app will try to connect to Monument over Bluetooth (BLE).
If Bluetooth connection can not be established, please follow this guide.

Select your WiFi access point and enter the password.
Note: Monument 2 supports WiFi 6 which is compatible with 5G and 2G networks.

Monument will now connect to your network. You can check the connection status by selecting Settings > Connection Status.

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