Upgrade/change the primary drive

If you need to change the Primary drive, need a larger storage, or convert your Backup drive into Primary drive, you can follow the steps on this guide. 

To convert the primary drive, the new drive needs to be configured as the backup drive to sync all contents and then changing the new drive to primary. 

Only the Owner of Monument can complete this procedure.

Insert the new drive to Monument 2 and choose it as the backup drive. 

Depending on the volume, syncing all contents to the backup drive may take a while. After the backup status is Synced, tap the options icon on the upper right corner and select Convert to Primary.

You will see warning messages before the conversion process starts. Once the process is complete, the backup drive will become the new primary drive. This action cannot be undone, please use this action carefully. 

The conversion process may take a while depending on the volume. Please wait until seeing the confirmation message. Once the process is complete, the new Primary drive will be listed under Settings > Hard Drives.

If you converted the internal SSD: After seeing the new Primary drive becomes active, you can power off Monument 2 and wait about 10 to 15minutes to let the unit cool down. Then the internal SSD can be removed by following the steps in this guide: Installing internal SSD drive

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