Upload errors

If you're seeing errors while uploading content to Monument, this could be due to file errors or errors returned from iCloud when syncing iCloud Photos. To view upload errors, select  Settings > Upload using the Monument app. 

  • iCloud Error: This is a temporary issue related to iCloud. Monument will automatically attempt to upload photos again until all photos have been uploaded. 
  • File Read Error: Sometimes when Monument is trying to back up a photo from the device the original photo will be corrupted. Please try to access and open the original photo on your device. If it can't be viewed properly, please delete this photo. 
  • Connection Error: Please follow the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article Cannot connect to Monument.
  • Unknown Error: If you're seeing Unknown errors, please share your device diagnostics by selecting Settings > Share Diagnostics Information and then send us a message at support@getmonument.com so we can help. 

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