Hard drive errors

When a hard drive is plugged into Monument, you may see one of the following error conditions. This article helps you troubleshoot the problem. 


Inactive hard drive

Drives connected to Monument have two status options: Active or Inactive. This status can be viewed by going to "Settings" > "Hard Drives" using the Monument apps.

If any of your drives is labeled as Inactive, you will the statuses are greyed out in the list and after selecting the drive, you will see the following message: 

Possible causes and solution: 

- If this is a network drive, please make sure the drive is connected to the same network with Monument. If you're using a firewall, proxy or another device or service controlling your network, check the configuration and permissions are granted for Monument to access to the target drive on the network. Alternatively, you can try disabling the device or service temporarily and try connecting again. 

- The drive could be ejected or unplugged from Monument 2. Please try connecting the drive and if it's an external USB Drive, verify the cable is firmly attached both to Monument and to the external drive. 

- File system errors. Monument periodically check the health of the hard drive to make sure there are no errors which could prevent it running as expected. In some cases, file system errors may require the drive to be connected to a computer to fix them. Here's the guide to do a health check on your computer. Once completed, you can connect drive(s) back to Monument and check if the drive status is changed.

- Cannot connect to Monument. A Connection Monument should be available to display the status of the drives. If you're seeing the connection status Disconnected, please follow the troubleshooting guide to restore the connection to Monument.

ℹ Note: Drives need to stay connected to Monument all the time to continue to backup and access to your photos and videos.

Drive has no partition

Hard drives should have at least one partition. In rare cases, some hard drives do not have a partition and Monument is unable to recognize those drives.
  • Unplug the hard drive from Monument
  • Connect it to a computer and format the hard drive
  • Eject the hard drive and connect it back to Monument

Drive capacity is low or requires initialization

Hard drives must be 1GB or larger in size to use with Monument. Also, please verify if the hard drive being used requires initialization.
  • Connect a hard drive larger than 1GB in size

Too many drives

Monument can connect only two physical drives to Monument: the first drive connected to Monument becomes your primary drive and the second external USB Drive plugged can be configured as the backup drive.
You can add one on-site (external USB Drive) and multiple off-site backup points (NAS, Drives through SMB) to Monument 2.
You can still import contents from the connected drives but adding the third physical drive is not supported.
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